Apple moved the Mail app trash can and people keep deleting emails

iOS 13 Mail tweak is causing people to accidentally delete messages


Tweet regading iOS 13 tweak that moved trash can
The trash can is an icon that deserves to be returned to its rightful place.
Screenshot: John Roberts/Twitter

Why did Apple change its Mail app by placing the trash can icon where the reply arrow used to be?

Several iPhone users who updated to iOS 13 have asked that same question, taking to Twitter to vent and find a growing community of people who have accidentally deleted emails.

The frustrated, according to DesignTaxi, include a number of high-profile media professionals who have the platform and the followers to get the word out or find others feeling their pain.

Among them is John Roberts, chief White House correspondent for Fox News. On Twitter, he took Apple to task about the UI change. His tweet spurred a number of replies from frustrated iPhone users who claimed they mistakenly trash-canned emails at least a dozen times while trying to respond to a message.

If Apple acknowledges the aggrieved at all, it likely will do so quietly through an iOS update. For those who hate the new UI, a design tweak can’t get to their iPhones soon enough.

Have you experienced this problem? Have you adapted to the change? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: DesignTaxi