Woman uses Apple Watch to prevent sexual assault


Woman uses Apple Watch to prevent sexual assault
Apple Watch was used to call for help.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

A woman’s Apple Watch may have helped save her from an assault from a would-be rapist, a recent court case revealed.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, was in her apartment in Calgary when criminal John Joseph Macindoe broke in. He had a bag containing implements for use in a sexual assault. However, the would-be victim used her Apple Watch to send an emergency SOS message.

According to the court details (which, warning, make for disturbing reading), Macindoe had been planning the attack for some time. He somehow managed to clone the target’s building access card and had a copy of her key made.

He was carrying a bag with the words, containing items such as balaclava, buck knife, pliers, zip ties, and several specifically sexual items such as condoms and ball gag.

How Apple Watch saved woman from assault

Macindoe broke into the victim’s apartment. On April 1 this year, the target came came home from work and fell asleep on her sofa next to her phone. The sound of her dogs barking woke her up 90 minutes later. She could reportedly see a figure moving around her condo.

Noticing that her phone had gone, the victim used her Apple Watch to text her boyfriend. He then called 911. She pretended to be asleep as Macindoe stood close to her. Police then arrived at the scene, causing Macindoe to flee into the kitchen.

A search of his apartment revealed items including a Ziploc bag with the victim’s hair, and a blueprint for her condo building with her apartment circled.

While she had known the would-be attacker, they were not in any sort of relationship. In court this week, Macindoe pleaded guilty to break and enter with intent to sexually assault. He will be sentenced at a later date, but is now in custody.

Source: CBC