Apple TV+ commits to second season of space drama For All Mankind


Apple starts shooting second season of For All Mankind next month
“For All Mankind” answers the question, what if the Soviets have reached the moon first?
Photo: Apple

Apple is so confident about its space-based drama For All Mankind that the show has reportedly been renewed for a second season even before the launch date.

This is one of the programs premiering with Apple TV+ next month, and many of the others debuting at the same time have supposedly also been picked up for additional seasons.

For All Mankind makes space for inclusivity

This sci-fi show is an alternate-history version of the 1960s race to the Moon, with women in place of the male astronauts.

For All Mankind‘s first season of will be a highlight of Apple TV+ when it debuts November 1. A second season of the show is already in production, according to Deadline.

Apple commited to at least two seasons of The Morning Show from the beginning, and Deadline says that See, Dickinson, Little America and Home Before Dark have all either been quietly renewed by Cupertino, or are about to be.

Speed is an Apple TV+ strategy

Apple TV+ is launching from a cold start, with all-new programs and no previously-established franchises. It does have plenty of star power, with Jason Momoa, Stephen Spielberg, Jennifer Anniston, Oprah, Stephen King and many others on board.

But Apple reportedly understands that it can’t ask subscribers to wait too long for the second seasons of (possibly) popular shows like For All Mankind if it hopes to get people hooked on its nascent streaming video service. That’s why it’s pressing ahead even before anyone has seen the premiers of its offerings.

A monthly subscription for Apple TV+ will cost at $4.99, but anyone who bought a new iPhone or iPad this fall gets it free for a year.