These Caviar iPhones with gold and exotics skins are surprisingly tastefu

This year’s crazy gold iPhone looks surprisingly tasteful


Caviar Victory Diamond iPhone
Diamonds, lots of gold and a $30,000-plus price tag.
Photo: Caviar

Caviar, a Russian jeweler known for its expensive smartphone modifications, may have created a fourth iPhone to go in Apple’s iPhone 11 line.

Behold, the iPhone 11 Pro Bling.

Bling is not the official title. It’s actually Victory. But once you see the exotic treatment Caviar gave to the already good looking iPhone 11 Pro, Bling is apropos.

But the interesting detail in Caviar’s Victory line may not be the pure gold, diamonds or exotic skins that adorn these iPhones.

The Victory phones eliminate the square camera bump and make the lenses of the three-camera array on the 11 Pro phones integrated with the materials. The lenses are nearly flush with the backplate.

Caviar routinely gets our attention for its bold customized iPhones that are mostly gold. However more recent models have included pieces of the Titanic and historic spaceships embedded like jewels.

Victory Titanium iPhone 11 Pro
Apple’s new glass is tough. But this titanium iPhone 11 Pro is tougher.
Photo: Caviar

The Victory line seems understated when you consider Caviar likes to carve the mug of Russian President Vladimir Putin into gold iPhones.

We’ll start at most expensive and work our way down to more comfortable prices tags of a few thousand dollars.

The Victory Diamond iPhone 11 Max with a body of pure gold and a V-shaped string of diamonds, costs $31,280.

If that makes you flinch, the Victory Desire is made from god and python leather for just under $20,000.

There are also iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models made with plated silver, white alligator leather, bronze and titanium, all in the $4,000 to $5,000 range.