Price of Caviar iPhone 11 with space history is out of this world

Price of iPhone 11 with space history is out of this world


Gargarin space craft, Titanic iPhones from Caviar
Caviar's customized iPhone 11 Pro models have fragments of historic ships, Yuri Gargarin's Vostok 1, left, and the Titanic.
Photo: Caviar

Caviar is a Russian jeweler that routinely applies precious gems and gold-plating to iPhones to sell to the rich.

Now it is working with new materials – pieces of the Titanic and the first manned spaced craft.

Caviar is not saying how it obtained fragments of the sunken luxury liner or the Vostok 1 rocket that flew Yuri Gargarin into history. But the company is pricing the iPhone 11 Pro models as if the pieces, embedded into a titanium relief design, are the real deal.

The company is only offering a single iPhone 11 Pro with a supposed piece of the ship Gargarin flew on April 12, 1961, for $33,810.

If the price seems high, Caviar recently sold a jeweled and gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro to a client in China for $51,670. The phone depicts the orbiting planets of our solar system, each represented by an expensive gem, and includes fragments of a meteorite and the moon.

The Titanic-inspired phones are less expensive, starting at just over $7.300. It includes two small rotating propellers. It includes an inscription of the date the ship launched. The circular indentation holding the fragment looks like a fourth lens on the phone.

There are other iPhone 11 Pro designs with pieces of meteorite and Russian spacecraft that are a part of Caviar’s Discovery lineup in the $5,000 t0 $7,000 range.

Caviar often gets press for its odd salutes to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose mug has adorned more than a dozen designs over the years. Its designers are also inspired art, science, history and other world events, such as the World Cup soccer tournament.

Even President Donald Trump has appeared on Caviar phones.