After year in watery grave, iPhone packs new feature: barnacles


After year in watery grave, iPhone packs new feature: barnacles
It doesn't work -- but what a conversation starter!
Photo: NBC-2

Apple has worked hard to make its iPhones increasingly waterproof. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your iPhone will survive in any submerged situation.

One example? A recently rediscovered iPhone which had spent a year in the Atlantic Ocean 40 feet under water. The handset was recovered by a scuba diver, who managed to return it to its rightful owner. Most impressive of all? It still wor– no, we’re just kidding: it’s totally busted.

Marshal Sklar was scuba diving on Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale. He discovered the iPhone, which had become covered in barnacles during its year under the sea. While the iPhone was well and truly broken, Sklar found a pristine fishing license in the iPhone case. He went on to contact the iPhone’s owner using Facebook.

Owner Carmen Miranda said he had owned the iPhone for just two weeks before accidentally dropping it in the water. It was found approximately 20 miles from where it was dropped. Sklar thinks this may have been due to Hurricane Dorian churning up the sea bed.

“It had a year and a half to bury itself in the sand or the reef, and somehow it ended up right in front of me,” Sklar told NBC-2.

While it would have been even cooler had the phone still worked, both parties wound up getting something. Miranda got a barnacle-clad iPhone that will be a pretty cool thing to show off. Sklar, meanwhile, was given a case of beer as a “thank you.”

Lost at sea

The idea that an iPhone might still be working after a year at sea may be wishful thinking. But stranger things have happened. Earlier this year, a body surfer from Huntington Beach, Calif.was reunited with his (still working) Apple Watch six months after losing it to a big wave.

Source: NBC-2