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Two big complaints about Doom and Doom II fixed on iOS


Doom II for iOS looks just like it did back in 1994.
This was mind-blowing back in the day. And it's still pretty great today.
Photo: Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks gave Gen Xers a reason to get nostalgic when it released updated versions of Doom and Doom II into the App Store. The versions packed all the pixelated monsters and massive weapons you could hope for on an iPhone or iPad.

But while folks were justifiably excited to don their flannel shirts, put on some alt rock in the background, and head back to the glory days of the mid-1990s, the games didn’t totally deliver on their promises. A number of people pointed out that the audio and lighting weren’t correct in both ports. Those problems have now been fixed.

For some reason, the App Store update notes for Doom and Doom II (both $4.99) don’t explicitly mention the changes. Instead, they stick with the generic “general bug fixes” as a description. But it’s the lighting and audio that appear to have been tweaked. That may not bother any newbies to the franchise, but it’s certainly something longer term fans are going to appreciate.

Doom used to be an MS-DOS exclusive

The Doom franchise wasn’t available for Mac back in the day. When the first two games debuted, they were initially MS-DOS exclusives. It took until 1995 before Doom II landed on Mac. Mac fans instead had to make do with the Marathon franchise. Those weren’t bad, but they never took over the gaming world in the way that the Doom games did.

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