App Store prices climb in Japan as tax increases

App Store prices climb in Japan as tax increases


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Look out for the changes next month.
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Apple will raise App Store pricing in Japan next month in line with an update to Japan Consumption Tax (JCT).

The increase will affect sales and in-app purchases, but not auto-renewable subscriptions. Only the most affordable tier priced at ¥120 will avoid the change.

“When taxes or foreign exchange rates change, we sometimes need to update prices on the App Store,” Apple explains in a new article published to its Developer portal.

“Starting October 2019, the Japan Consumption Tax (JCT) will increase from 8% to 10%, resulting in a price increase for apps on the App Store and in-app purchases.”

App Store prices increases en route to Japan

The increase will be reflected in the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps in App Store Connect once the change goes into effect. Developer proceeds will be increased accordingly, Apple says.

Price Tier 1 will not change, and for all others the increase will be minimal. Here’s how it will impact some of the more expensive options:

  • Tier 2: ¥240 (proceeds ¥168) > ¥250 (proceeds ¥175)
  • Tier 3: ¥360 (proceeds ¥252) > ¥370 (proceeds ¥259)
  • Tier 4: ¥480 (proceeds ¥336) > ¥490 (proceeds ¥343)
  • Tier 5: ¥600 (proceeds ¥420) > ¥610 (proceeds ¥427)
  • Tier 6: ¥720 (proceeds ¥504) > ¥730 (proceeds ¥511)

Developers can obviously adjust their own prices (including those for auto-renewable subscriptions) through App Store Connect if they choose to.

App Store adjustments normal

Apple routinely updates App Store pricing to reflect changes to local tax laws. It has also been known to make adjustments for exchange rate fluctuations, though these are less common.