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Dropcam founder reportedly leaving Apple


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The guy who popularized home Wi-Fi cameras supposedly checks out of Cupertino.
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Dropcam founder Greg Duffy, who went to Apple in 2017 to work on special projects, has reportedly left the company.

Google acquired Wi-Fi home camera company Dropcam in 2014. However, Duffy fell out with ex-Apple employee and Nest co-founder Tony Fadell, who managed the Dropcam team. Duffy left Google in 2015, and later labeled Fadell a “tyrant bureaucrat.”

It’s not clear why Duffy is leaving Apple, or exactly what it is he did during his time at the company. He was reportedly working on a new hardware team interesting in providing internet access through satellites. When he joined Apple, “people who know Mr. Duffy” suggested that this team would be operating like its own startup within Apple.

His LinkedIn page makes no reference of his time at Apple. Instead, it describes him as an “entrepreneur.” It will be interesting to see whether any more details come out in the near future.

Source: The Information