Apple uploads high-res iOS 13 icon file, more to Wikipedia


iOS 13 icon file
You can even play around with the gradient!
Photo: DylanMcD8

Apple has started uploading super high resolution copies of some of its branding materials to Wikipedia — starting with the original icon files for iOS 13.

News was shared by Twitter user and Apple developer DylanMcD8. The icon files allow users to fiddle around with details like the gradients in the iOS 13 logo.

In addition to the iOS 13 logo, other images uploaded to Wikipedia by Apple include the iconic Apple logo, originally designed by Rob Janoff in 1977. There’s also the iOS 6 icon design in super high resolution, although this one is not the original icon file.

It’s not totally clear why Apple has uploaded the images. But being able to peer into the original icon files is nonetheless pretty cool. If you’re a designer who’s interested in seeing things like the complexity of gradients Apple used for iOS 13, this is worth taking a look at.

Whatever the reasons, I’m just glad they’ve done it!