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Mario Kart Tour is coming to the App Store next month


Mario Kart Tour
You've got another month to impatiently rev your engines.
Photo: Nintendo

After being announced way back in January 2018, Nintendo will finally release Mario Kart Tour on the iPhone next month. The gaming giant revealed the game’s September 25 launch date on Twitter.

That’s just in time for the most enthusiastic of Apple fans to be able to play it on their brand new iPhone 11 handsets!

“Pre-registration for Mario Kart Tour is now available,” Nintendo wrote on Twitter, along with a link for gamers to sign up. “We hope you’re looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this new game!”

Nintendo originally planned Mario Kart for an early 2019 release. However, the Japanese gaming company pushed it back to summer.

According to a statement made during Nintendo’s quarterly earnings report in January this was, “in order to improve quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch.”

Possible bananas in the track

Hopefully this time has been well spent. It’s worth proceeding with caution, however. According to beta testers, Nintendo has left a few proverbial banana skins in the road. Yes, it’s the first ever iOS version of one of Nintendo’s most popular titles.

But it’s also based around in-app purchases, rather than being a premium title like Super Mario Run. That’s in line with most recent Nintendo mobile releases, after Super Mario Run failed to pull in enough loot. It’s also lacking a proper multiplayer mode. Instead of real-time competition, players compete against each other’s best times. As any Mario Kart player knows, competing against friends live is where the real fun is!

Hopefully Mario Kart Tour is still able to entertain. We guess there’s not too much longer to wait to find out.