Famous American Psycho scene gets Apple Card upgrade


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Is that titanium? "Nice!"
Photo: Universal Studios/YouTube

The Apple Card is the newest status totem and that gave one YouTuber and fan of the 2000 film American Psycho an idea for the re-editing of one scene.

The scene shows cocksure investment banker Patrick Bateman and his yuppie, Italian-suited colleagues vainly comparing the designs of their business cards, each whipping their’s out so to speak.

You see where this is going. NeonFlareify, with a flair for making twisted video mashups, painstakingly edited images of Apple’s shiny new credit card over the business cards.

The scene features Christian Bale who stars as a wealthy serial killer in a dark comedy that is now considered a cult classic.

It’s worth taking a minute and a half out of your day to watch the video below. Then, in the weeks ahead, look for real versions of the scene to play out in your workplace.

“Now Patrick can get 1 percent cash back at Dorsia’s thanks to the Apple Card,” Flareify wrote to accompany the video.