Spotify Family Plan is finally getting explicit content filters


Spotify is adding 2x as many monthly subscribers as Apple Music
Spotify is adding 2x as many monthly subscribers as Apple Music
Photo: Spotify

Spotify is finally making its Family Plan more family-friendly by giving parents greater control over the music their kids can listen to.

It will soon be possible to block out explicit tracks with a password-protected setting that only parents have access to. Spotify is also adding a “Family Mix” playlist.

Spotify’s Family Plan, introduced in 2014, lets up to six people access its Premium service for just $14.99 a month. The price is great, but until now, the plan hasn’t offered any special features.

That changes today for subscribers in Ireland — and “soon” in other countries — where parents can now take advantage of explicit content filters.

Protecting your kids from explicit tracks

The filter does exactly what it says on the tin: When it’s enabled, kids are prevented from playing tracks that Spotify marks as explicit. And they cannot disable the filter themselves. It’s the same filter you get with Apple Music.

Only the subscriber with the master account has the ability to enable the feature and protect it with a password. It is found in the Family Hub, where you can also add or remove family members.

Sub-accounts have no control over the explicit content filter without the password.

Get your daily music fix from Family Mix

Spotify is also adding a “Family Mix” playlist for Family Plan subscribers.

Just like the “Duo Mix” added earlier this year, the playlist is automatically generated from the listening habits of all users included on the plan — but you can customize it.

The listening habits of individual members can be excluded from the mix. So if you have a family member who only ever listens to Justin Bieber on repeat, your mix won’t be dominated by Bieber tracks.