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This is the most beautiful multi-device wireless charger we’ve ever seen [Review]


Courant Catch:2 review
The Courant Catch:2 is simultaneously gorgeous and extremely functional.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Like the AirPower charger Apple wasn’t able to deliver, the Courant Catch:2 can wirelessly send power to multiple devices placed anywhere on its charging mat — there’s no need to carefully arrange them. Plus, this accessory truly looks like the luxury product it is, with a handsome leather exterior.

Power through my review of this just-released product, which I tested with recent and older iPhones.

Courant Catch:2 review: beautifully practical wireless charger

The exterior of the Catch:2 is pebble-grain Italian leather with aluminum accents. It’s a wireless charger almost any executive would be happy to have on their desk. It comes in dark grey, black, light brown, light blue and pale pink.

The charging pad is 7.8 inches by 3.2 in., and the unit is 0.6 in. thick. Courant added extra weight to give this accessory some heft so you won‘t accidentally knock it off your desk.

The USB-C power cable is covered in braided nylon that matches the leather, making the look even more professional.

5-coil charging

Standard accessories of this type have a single charging coil. Dual-device models have two coils side-by side. The Catch:2 packs in five coils, greatly extending the area where devices can charge.

Just place an iPhone anywhere on this product to start power transmission. Unlike too many charging mats, it’s not necessary to be particularly careful about placement — our testing showed that as long as most of the handset is on the mat, it will get charged. The phone can be placed at any angle, on either side of the mat or in the middle, and it will start receiving wireless power. There aren‘t any dead spots I could find.

This accessory uses the Qi standard so it’s not limited to iPhones. The AirPods wireless charging case can be used, as can Android models or other accessories. The design of the Apple Watch precludes it receiving power from this wearable, however.

Placing a device on the mat activates the coil underneath to get current flowing. Be careful not to slide the item across the mat once the process has started because this accessory won‘t always notice it needs to change which coil is activated. Rather than sliding it, pick up the iPhone, wait a second, then put it down again in a different spot.

The Catch:2’s only real limitation is just two devices can get power at once. There’s not really room for three handsets, but the point is moot.

Again, it’s not necessary to be careful about placement. As long as both devices are mostly on the mat they’ll get power.

Courant Catch:2 with iPhone 8 Plus
It’s called the Catch:2 because it can charge two phones at once.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Courant Catch:2 performance

The Catch:2 is capable of wirelessly transmitting up to 10W of power, but Apple devices can only take in 7.5W at most.

Over multiple tests, putting an iPhone XS Max on for 20 minutes brought the battery level up 11% or 12%. That’s the same speed as previous 7.5W wireless chargers we’ve tested, so the Catch:2 works exactly as expected.

Our handset was resting on the mat at a variety of angles during testing, but placement had no effect on charging speed. Adding a second device didn’t slow charging for either of them.

Courant Catch:2 final thoughts

There are certainly cheaper wireless chargers on the market, but I haven’t found one that works as well as the Catch:2, and it’s the best-looking charging mat I’ve seen.

It makes charging a pair of iPhones a snap, and the same goes for the new AirPods case or many Samsung handsets. It can’t handle an Apple Watch, though.


The Courant Catch:2 retails for $175 on its maker’s website. It can also be found at premium retailers like Soho House, Neiman Marcus, Mr. Porter, 10 Corso Como and Selfridges.

Courant Catch:2
The Courant Catch:2 looks at home on a CEO’s desk.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Comparable products

A charger that’s almost as luxurious as Courant’s is the Twelve South HiRise Wireless. This is a $79.99 stand that props up the iPhone.

While not nearly so swank, the Choetech Dual Wireless Fast Charger also has five coils so charging a pair of devices is easy. It’s smaller, plastic, and $42.99.

And while we can‘t really compare it, $175 is probably about what Apple’s AirPower was going to cost.

Courant provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out more stuff we recommend.