Sony’s new CarPlay system is big as an iPad


BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay
BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay
Photo: Sony

Car infotainment systems have grown dramatically in size, and Sony promises one that allows people with older models to upgrade to an 8.95-inch screen. It supports Apple’s CarPlay, so the driver’s iPhone is ready to provide navigation, make calls or play music.

“As auto manufacturers increasingly incorporate larger screens into their new models, legacy car owners don’t have to miss out on the latest technology,” said Mike Fasulo, president and CEO, Sony Electronics North America.

Despite its over-sized display, the XAV-AX8000 fits into a single-DIN slot so it can be installed into a wide variety of automobiles.

Like an iPad mini in your dash

The 8.95-inch touchscreen allows users to to more clearly see driving directions from Apple Maps or Google Maps. And this fall’s iOS 13 upgrade will bring big changes to CarPlay, like a redesigned dashboard, an improved version of Apple Maps, wider access to Siri, and a Calendar app.

The XAV-AX8000 doesn’t forget about entertainment. A built-in, four-channel amplifier delivers 55 watts x 4 (max. at 4 ohms) / 20 watts x 4 (RMS at 4 ohms) output power with DRA2 (Dynamic Reality Amp 2) power IC. The system will work to reproduce clear sound at any volume level.

Sony says the XAV-AX8000 will be available in December for $599.99.

Source: Sony Electronics