Apple Music may reduce free trial to just one month


A new ad for Apple Music shows a one-month free trial.
Apple's new banner ad.
Photo: Apple

Right from the start, Apple Music offered a three-month trial to new users to try and get them to subscribe. In some cases, this even extended all the way up to a six-month free trial before users would have to pay a dime.

Apple may be shifting away from this strategy, though. A new banner ad on Apple’s website mentions a one-month tryout period for the streaming music service.

You can see the ad on the Accessories page of Apple’s Online Store. It reads, “Millions of songs. One month on us.” Clicking the ad takes you through to another webpage which reiterates that new users “Get 1 month Free.”

However, branding is inconstant. Other Apple literature in the form of ads and marketing documents continue to refer to the previous three-month trial.

Changing the terms

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Apple reduce its three-month trial to a single month. Spotify, the leading streaming music service by subscriber numbers, only offers a 30-day trial.

Apple and Spotify currently compete as the two biggest players in streaming music. (Although Amazon is making very rapid gains.) Apple Music currently counts around 60 million paid subscribers. Spotify, meanwhile, reported 100 million paid subscribers at the end of the first quarter of 2019. But in the United States, it seems more people pay to listen to Apple Music than they do Spotify.

With iPhone sales slowing, Apple is looking to subscription services to boost its earnings. If Apple can get customers to start paying for Apple Music sooner, without losing potential subscribers in the process, this move would make sense.

After all, it’s not like Apple Music is some unproven upstart like it was back in 2015.

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Via: MacRumors