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Two stunning Apple ads score Emmy nominations


Shot on iPhone nature
A nature video shot with iPhone XS cameras is up for an Emmy.
Photo: Apple

A pair of Apple videos were nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. One celebrates the history of the Mac, while the other beautifully shows off the capabilities of the iPhone XS camera.

Watch both of them now.

Apple’s advertising agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab is actually the one that garnered these nominations for a couple of spots it created.

Behind the Mac — Make Something Wonderful

This spot debuted along with the new MacBook Air introduced last fall. It shows a variety of well-known creative celebrities using a Mac in their work, from Opera to Kermit the Frog. MacBooks being used in unusual places are included too.

The tag line says “Behind the Mac, people with passion are changing the world for the better.”

Shot on iPhone XS — Don’t Mess With Mother

The goal of the “Shot on iPhone” campaign is to advertise the capabilities of this handset’s camera by showcasing amazing shots it has taken. “Don’t Mess With Mother” came out for Earth Day this year, and is packed with close-ups of animals and jaw-dropping scenery from all over the globe.

These two will have to stand up to Emmy competition from ads from Nike and Facebook, along with a powerful PSA on the dangers of gun violence from Sandy Hook Promise.

Looking ahead to next year?

Nominations for the 71st Emmy Awards went out this morning. These will be the last before the launch of Apple TV+, and the company is surely hoping that next year’s awards will include some of the original programming being created for this streaming service.