You can no longer control Nest devices from your Apple Watch


Nest for watchOS is no more.
Photo: Google

Google has decided it will no longer support the Nest app for Apple Watch. The move means you can’t control Nest smart devices from your wrist anymore. The Nest app for Google’s own Wear OS platform has also been ditched.

Despite being the most successful smartwatch on the market, Apple Watch has lost a number of big apps in recent years. Instagram, eBay, Slack, and Google Maps have all disappeared.

Now Google is ditching another of its watchOS titles.

Nest for Apple Watch is no more

The latest update to Nest for iOS removes the Apple Watch component. And if you attempt to open the app on Wear OS, you’ll see a “Nest is no longer supported for Wear OS” error.

The wearable Nest app previously allowed users to control Nest smart devices from their wrist. It was particularly useful for adjusting your thermostat without pulling out your iPhone.

Keep is now the only Google service that’s still available on Apple Watch. But based on recent developments, it probably won’t stick around for too long.

Apple Watch apps can be awesome

Some Apple Watch apps attempt to do too much with its tiny screen and it’s understandable why users avoid them. But the Nest app for watchOS took the right approach.

It was simple, and offered only basic functionality that was actually useful at the flick of your wrist. The ability to adjust thermostat temperature in an instant was incredibly useful.

Having said that, Nest for watchOS obviously didn’t attract enough Apple Watch users otherwise Google wouldn’t have killed it.

Via: 9to5Google