Not everyone is alarmed to see Jony Ive leave Apple


AirPower is one of Jony Ive’s most notable recent failures.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

While Jony Ive’s departure from Apple is being called “the end of an era,” not everyone is sad to see him go. This company’s Chief Design Officer has legions of fans but he also has detractors who blame Ive for repetitive designs, flawed keyboards and more.

Twitter is full of accolades but also criticism.

A post from user mr dom points out a number of products that came out of Ive’s Industrial Design team with well-known problems, from the cancelled AirPower charging mat to the MacBook keyboard used in each new model despite complaints going back years.

Or there’s this complaint about a common accessory from a user calling himself Daniel Craig:

User Brian Fagoili guessed that Apple’s management is actually forcing Ive to leave over these issues:

A new era for Apple either way

Some people are expressing hope in a “new era” for the post-Ive Apple:

The Apple Observer went for plain and simple:

This is just a handful of examples. There are many more.