New Mac Pro grille is actually a terrible cheese grater


Cheese grater pro
You *could* use the Mac Pro to grate cheese. But you won’t be happy.
Photo: Winston Moy

The new Mac Pro sure looks a lot like a cheese grater, but it turns out that it’s pretty bad at grating cheese.

YouTuber machinist Winston Moy painstakingly re-created the complex circular structure of the new Mac Pro grille using his Shapeoko mill to put Jony Ive’s work to the test. The video of the entire process proves quite fascinating. However, the end result kind of disappoints.

Skip to the 5:30 mark to see it in action:

There has been no shortage of shade thrown at the new Mac Pro grille ever since it was revealed at WWDC 2019. Cheesy Mac Pro jokes popped up on Twitter all month. One modder turned an old cheese grater into a working Mac Pro. Meanwhile, Ikea made an ad poking fun at Apple’s design.

Despite all the jokes, the new Mac Pro is an absolute beast. It will give professionals the horsepower they’ve been craving in a Mac for years. With a starting price set at $6,000, though, it looks like Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank.