Everyone’s favorite sassy weather app gets huge update


Lightning CARROT 2
CARROT Weather offers some features you won't find elsewhere.
Photo: Grailr LLC

I’ve long been a fan of Brian Mueller’s CARROT apps, which offer everything from fitness-tracking to calorie-counting tools with a sarcastic AI taskmaster keeping you in line. Today, Mueller has released the latest update for CARROT Weather — and it’s pretty darn packed.

Version 4.11 is centered around notifications and adds a plethora of features not available in any other weather app.

Highlights include lightning notifications for  any strikes detected near to your current location. The rich notification system displays a map with these nearby lightning strikes visibly marked. There’s also the addition of storm cell notifications warning of approaching heavy rain, hail, and tornadoes. Again, the rich notification display this data as a map overlay, this time with live radar and nearby storm cells.

In addition, users can now set custom notifications which let you receive alerts when any specific data point goes above or below a certain threshold. For example, this means you could trigger the app to give you an umbrella reminder whenever chance of rain increases above 25%.

Due to iOS 12 “Critical Alerts,” you can even ensure that life-threatening weather alerts will play a sound even when your device is muted or on Do Not Disturb mode. According to Mueller, CARROT Weather is the first weather app to enable this feature.

For more information, you can check out the full change log here. You can download CARROT Weather here. It costs $5 for the basic app, while “tier 2”, “tier 3” and “tier 4” membership additions come with additional costs for an annual subscription of between $5 and $25 per year.