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Find the best VPN for Mac and other operating systems


You know you need to get a VPN, and this ranking site helps you make an informed choice of provider.
You know you need to get a VPN, and this ranking site helps you make an informed choice of provider.
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By now, you ought to know that going online without a VPN is downright irresponsible. There are countless threats to your security and privacy roaming the web, not to mention the irritation of location-based content restrictions. But there are seemingly just as many VPN options to choose from, so where to begin?

Going over the long list of possible VPN providers, their various features, pros and cons, is enough to make anyone doze off. So the folks at VPNRanks drank the extra coffee to do that work for us. The result is a reliable and unbiased resource for anyone looking to protect their online security and privacy.

Why VPNs matter

We harp on the need for VPN a lot here at Cult of Mac, and that’s because it bears repeating. The internet is swarming with snoops, malware, trackers, and other threats to our privacy and security. Yes, even if you use a Mac or iPhone.

In fact, every packet of data is an opportunity for its contents to be intercepted, and its path tracked. Signing on with a VPN adds an encrypted layer, running your signal through a series of servers in other countries so that your online activity, and the data you transmit, can’t be read or tracked back to your IP address. That’s great news for the torrenters out there.

There are other benefits to masking and encrypting your connection. For one, it eliminates the headache of location-based content restrictions. So no matter where in the world you connect, with a VPN you can watch your favorite streaming shows. It also adds a vital layer of security when doing things like online banking, when sensitive data is transmitted. That makes VPNs a great bulwark against identity theft.

Pick your provider

The case for using VPNs is clear, but the choice can be tough. So VPNRanks represents an invaluable resource to compare VPN providers for all kinds of platforms, devices and operating systems. That includes a full accounting of the pros and cons of each provider, for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android devices, even Apple TV.

Providers are ranked based on their support for multiple devices, number of features, server coverage, speed, customer support, streaming unblocking, privacy, price and other key factors. They clearly list the testing criteria, so you’ll understand the basis of the reviews. And in each category, the top performer is clearly listed. Surfshark came out ahead for simultaneous connections, for example, while NordVPN wins for server coverage.

That offers a lot of variables for making an informed choice as you decide the best VPN to go with. At least the decision of whether to get a VPN is settled: of course you should. With a service like VPNRanks, you can make the next choice with confidence.