Future iPhones could boast MicroLED displays


iPhone XS Max
And Foxconn wants to build them for Apple.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple could use next-gen MicroLED displays for a future iPhone, a new report claims.

The report claims that Foxconn, Apple’s biggest supplier, is working hard to win MicroLED orders from Apple — and the iPhone is singled out as the likely recipient.

MicroLED offers big potential advantages over OLED screens, such as the Super Retina displays Apple features in the iPhone XS and XS Max. These include higher levels of brightness and more stability. They can also offer the same high contrast, extreme blacks, and fast response time as OLED.

Apple has reportedly been investigating MicroLED technology for quite some time. Potential applications have been singled out as everything from Apple Watches to Macs. As far as I’m aware, this is one of the first times the iPhone has been mentioned as a possible recipient.

Foxconn currently has three subsidiaries working to build equipment for MicroLED technology. These include Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Epileds Technologies, and Marketech International. Between them, they are developing the necessary chips and production equipment for MicroLED displays.

It’s not clear which, if any, iPhones will boast MicroLED screens. From the sound of things, Apple is planning to go all-in on OLED screens in the near future. Given that MicroLED displays cost more to develop, we’d guess that a MicroLED iPhone would be a top tier model. Still, it’s interesting to hear that Foxconn is looking to carve out a bigger chunk of Apple’s business.

Source: Digitimes