Customer service ranking hails Apple ‘king of laptop tech support’


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Apple has long been known for its great customer support — and that’s confirmed once more in a new ranking of customer service among top laptop makers.

The Laptop Mag rankings pit 11 of the major players against one another to determine who comes out on top. The winner? Everyone’s favorite fruit-titled tech giant, which secures a whopping 91/100 score.

The king of support

The report describes Apple’s 24/7 support as the “king of laptop tech support.” Despite lacking Facebook Messenger support, it praises the myriad ways customers can get in touch. This includes Twitter, live online chats, a support app, and phone calls. Oh, and paying a visit to your friendly neighborhood Apple Store, of course.

“Apple’s best online support is found in its live chat, because its Apple Support database may not be optimized for your questions,” Laptop Mag writes. The representatives the publication spoke with answered knowledgeably and resolved problems quickly.

Apple’s phone support was also good, and “proved that it’s still able to answer questions in a friendly manner without making you wait.”

The bottom line, the report notes, is that:

“This year, the calls I made to Apple took 37 percent less time to finish than last year — 4 minutes less, on average. … [The company also] kept its telephone record at 100 percent, providing correct and complete solutions for every problem. Further, Apple’s over-the-phone agents continued to display one of their best traits. … [It imparts] valuable technical support while maintaining a friendly, personable tone. … Overall, Apple’s technical support agents continue to deliver impressive service, giving users reason to trust the tech giant.”

Laptop Mag
Here’s who Apple beat to claim its crown.
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Who comes out last?

The top-tier companies can be seen in Laptop Mag‘s chart above. As far as the losers, go, MSI was in last place with 30 out of a possible 100 score. Lenovo was in second-last place due to its failure to correctly answer any of the questions asked. Huawei was also near the bottom of the list. Despite its “string of excellent laptop releases,” its tech support didn’t measure up.

How do you find Apple’s customer support? Have you had any particularly good or bad experiences with the Cupertino tech giant? And, for longer term fans, how does Apple’s customer support today measure up to its customer support levels in the past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Laptop Mag