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Filmmaker’s iPhone XS passes the shark bite test


iPhone shark
This iPhone XS and its owner pass the ultimate stress test.
Screenshot: Camp4 Collective/YouTube

Even on video, our eyes get big when we see the open mouth of a shark. But what’s the appropriate response when you see an iPhone XS between the shark’s teeth?

This was the most interesting scene in a behind-the-scenes video of how the production company, Camp4 Collective, made the “Shot on iPhone” commercial Don’t Mess with Mother

Apple hired the award-winning crew to capture dramatic scenes of Mother Nature – including a not so natural avalanche – to promote the iPhone XS’s video features.

iPhone XS swims with sharks

The outtake footage showing the filmmakers in their natural element includes scenes on mountains, in a dust storm, at the edge of a volcano and in shark-infested waters. It offers no instructions on how to get great video footage, but if there’s a lesson, it’s an unsaid “Don’t try this at home.”

This is especially true when you see one of the filmmakers, who briefly loses his iPhone to a Tiger shark’s jaws, swim towards the shark to retrieve his camera.

This particular shark apparently had a soft bite because the iPhone, as well as the filmmaker, both returned to the boat intact.

There is another scene with a monkey playing with one of the filmmaker’s iPhones, but if anything, it looked like the rest of us as we navigating the latest iOS update.

Earlier this week, the tech website Motherboard questioned whether the avalanche scene, which was triggered with explosives, sent the wrong message.

Apple made a rare public statement, telling Motherboard the event was planned by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Planned avalanches keep people safe from the unexpected natural ones and most of the experts quoted in the Motherboard story had no problem with the footage, One, however, said he was bothered by the behind-the-scenes video of a “bro-culture” that “glorifies danger and survival.”

Like swimming with the sharks.