Apple AR glasses concept is both futuristic and retro


Proposed Apple AR glasses would run realityOS, their own operating system.
Proposed Apple AR glasses would run realityOS, their own operating system.
Photo: Dominik Hofacker/ConceptsiPhone

An artist created a vision for a set of augmented reality glasses running a new Apple operating system. His concept video is built around the strong evidence that Apple is designing just such a product.

Watch the video now:

The proposed design for these Apple AR glasses was created by Dominik Hofacker for ConceptsiPhone.

There’s even advertising text for Glasses on the artist’s Behance page. If it was real, this wearable computer promises to let you “Unprecedentedly immerse yourself with a 90-degree field of view and 4K projections on each eye with simulations powered by ARKit 4.”

Don’t confuse augmented reality with virtual reality. AR overlays computer-generated images or text onto the real world. It’s different from virtual reality, which completely replaces the real world.

Hofacker’s made-up description for his concept says “Sophisticated apps focus on your entertainment, productivity or health.”

Apple AR glasses could be a real thing

No less a luminary than analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently predicted that Apple AR glasses will launch in 2020. These reportedly will function as an iPhone accessory.

And not everything is a rumor. Apple is openly working on augmented reality in general. Its ARKit offers developers the ability to create AR applications.

And one of the designers of Microsoft’s HoloLens AR smartglasses worked at Apple for years before leaving the company in January.