Clear case lets you marvel at classic Mac’s insides


Macintosh SE clear case
Beautiful inside and out.
Photo: MacEffects

No one uses a 30-year-old Mac anymore. But plenty of Apple fans still own classic computers as a reminder of where the world’s most beloved technology company came from. Now marveling at those machines just got even better.

A new clear case designed for the Macintosh SE/30 lets you enjoy its insides as well as its iconic all-in-one form factor. Help it become a reality by pledging your support on Kickstarter today.

The Macintosh SE/30 was first introduced in January 1989. It was the fastest of the original, black-and-white compact Mac series, and the first to ship with a built-in 1.44MB floppy disk drive as standard.

“In everything from the elegance of its OS to its sheer hardware horsepower, this computer faced few rivals,” explains our own Luke Dormehl. The machine sat in homes and offices for years after it was discontinued in October 1991.

Those who still own a Macintosh SE/30 today can give it a fancy makeover with a stunning clear case.

Stunning inside and out

“This is the first time in history anyone has ever attempted to produce a custom Mac case of this kind,” according to creator MacEffects.

The clear case is injection moulded from transparent polycarbonate. It lets you peer inside and appreciate the Mac’s internal engineering without having to pull it apart every time. And it could increase the value of your machine.

Having a window into the Mac “has proven to be alluring to millions of average iMac owners, but even more so to vintage Apple collectors,” MacEffects says. A Macintosh SE prototype with a clear case recently sold for over $20,000.

Another advantage to the clear case is that it ages well. Unlike the Mac’s original casing, which yellows over time and reduces its value, the clear case continues to look spectacular year after year.

Help make the Macintosh SE/30 clear case a reality

“The original goal was to create a case design artistically inspired from the prototype Macintosh SE clear case and provide all the funds by ourselves,” explains MacEffects.

“However, after receiving quotes from Chinese companies for hard tooling molds at nearly $50,000, it became apparent that we needed to generate at least a fraction of the costs to start production by way of crowdfunding.”

The clear case needs your support to become a reality, then. It has already received almost $12,000 of its $15,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, and the project still has 58 days left to run, so it isn’t far off.

With a $175 pledge, you’ll get a rear clear case from the first production run. If the project reaches $27,500 in funding, a front panel will also enter production, and you’ll get a chance to claim one of those, too.

Other colors are on offer

If you really want to pimp out your old Mac, you can make a pledge of $450 or more to get the clear case in another color. Green jade, sapphire blue, and ruby red are on offer — but only ten of each can be claimed.

Visit the project on Kickstarter today to find out more about the clear case and MacEffects plans for it going forward.