Rap T-shirt designer gives Steve Jobs the hip-hop fashion treatment


Marino Morwood 2
Marino Morwood's designs have been worn by some crazy popular rappers.
Photo: Marino Morwood

Steve Jobs may have been referenced in a hip-hop track or two, but Apple’s co-founder and urban fashion aren’t exactly things you’d expect to find together.

That did not stop rap T-shirt designer Marino Morwood from picking Jobs as the subject of his latest creation. Having focused stars like Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. for his previous designs, his Steve Jobs T-shirt could bring Apple’s late CEO to a whole new audience!

Marino Morwood 2
The design in all its busy glory.
Photo: Marino Morwood
Morwood eschewed Apple-style minimalism for his Jobs T-shirt, which looks more like a 1990s Master P album cover.

“Every individual I design a T-shirt for has inspired me in one way or another,” Morwood told Cult of Mac. “Steve Jobs was no different from the rest. He opened up my mind to what’s possible in this world. It wasn’t even a question whether I would or wouldn’t make a Steve Jobs tee. [It was just] a matter of time.”

Morwood has carved out a growing niche for himself as a designer. His T-shirts have been worn by rappers including Playboi Carti, Quavo, Rich The Kid and Sonny Digital.

All are up-and-coming artists with huge fanbases. (Seriously, if you haven’t heard of them, check out the crazy number of views their videos get on YouTube.)

Loud designs for a new generation

U.K.-based Morwood’s designs may not appeal to older folks with conservative tastes, but there’s no doubt that there’s an audience for his creations.

He’s also yet another creator using Apple tools to make DIY products. He designs his popular T-shirts at home on a Mac.

“I’ve been designing these tees for a while now, so I intuitively know what images I’m looking for to set the tone of the entire T-shirt,” he said. “As soon as I had the main center image of [Steve] standing on the Apple logo outside the company’s headquarters, I knew what direction I was going to take it. [It was all about] the young Jobs from 1982, surrounded by ideas that he would bring to life over the next 20-plus years of his life. [This was] coupled with an older Steve, near his death, still looking just as intense over 30 years later. You see one man’s journey. It’s powerful, and speaks volumes to who he was and how far he’d take things.”

Get your Steve Jobs T-shirt

Morwood sells his Steve Jobs T-shirt online for around $55. If you’re getting ready to bust out your latest Apple freestyle, but don’t know what to wear to the club, this could be the ticket.

Via: High Snobiety