Rome: Total War for iOS gets 8 new playable factions and more


Rome: Total War
Rome: Total War just got a big update for iOS.
Photo: Rome: Total War

I’m still blown away that the developers of Rome: Total War for iOS were able to take the classic PC strategy game and translate it almost perfectly to Apple’s touch-based mobile operating system.

Well, the game just got even better since its latest update adds 8 more playable functions, and numerous other updates. Check out more details below.

Along with the 8 new playable factions, there’s also a new range market which shows the firing distance of missile units. On top of this, players can now order grouped units to travel to their target locations at a uniform pace. Finally, graphics have been optimized for the 11-inch iPad Pro, while support for both orientations on iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR had also been added.

A stunning achievement

For anyone who has never played Rome: Total War, it’s a blend of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics set in the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire, spanning 270 BC to AD 14. The game landed on PC back in 2004. A little over half a decade later, in 2010, it was ported to macOS, before jumping to iOS with an iPad version in late 2016, and iPhone support last year.

The game costs $9.99, which makes it reasonably pricey for an iOS title. However, considering how deep the game is — and how $9.99 is way less than I paid for the original PC title 15 years ago — it’s pretty darn good value.

You can download it at the link below.

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