Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with special short shot on iPhone


The Bucket Shot on iPhone
"The Bucket" was shot entirely on iPhone.
Photo: Apple

Apple has shared a special video to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The heartfelt short film, directed by Jia Zhangke, is titled “The Bucket,” and it’s about remembering loved ones when away from home. Apple has also published another two videos in which Zhangke showcases Depth Control and Slo-mo on the iPhone XS.

Apple is one of the few companies that’s great at tastefully marketing its products alongside special occasions. Its new short film for the Chinese New Year, shot entirely on an iPhone XS, is yet another wonderful example of that.

The Bucket

Here it is in its entirety:

Also uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel are two shorter clips, featuring Zhangke, that highlight Depth Control and Slo-mo — and how they can be used to enhance your photos and videos.

Depth Control is great for “narrowing the gap, layer by layer, between actor and audience,” Zhangke says. “When you love something, it’s the only thing you see. Just like what Depth Control does.”

Slo-mo is perfect for capturing the “small moments,” Zhangke explains. “Besides dialogue or narration, the best way to tell a cinematic story is through movement …. When time slows, the feeling of love lasts longer.”

More for the Chinese New Year

In addition to the videos, Apple has an App Store collection that showcases “featured apps and games, exclusive offers to accompany you through the New Year.” It has also shared an official Apple Music playlist.

“During Lunar New Year, harmony embodies a notion of unity, concern, and reconnection,” Apple says, “and Apple Music’s eight days of special blessings begins with a playlist dedicated to this idea.”