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2019 iPhones’ big feature will be an extra camera lens


2019 iPhone render 2
A recent render showing how the 2019 iPhone may look.
Photo: OnLeaks/Digit.in

Expect to see an extra lens for each of the 2019 iPhone models, claims a new report from the Wall Street Journal. In the case of the iPhone XS and XS Max sequel, this will mean jumping from two to three lenses. In the case of the iPhone XR follow-up, it means moving from one to two lenses.

This report appears to back up another recent rumor, suggesting that the new top-tier iPhone will sport a series of camera lenses arranged in a triangle configuration.

If Apple does go down this route, it wouldn’t be the first smartphone manufacturer to do so. Samsung’s Galaxy A7 already boasts three lenses.

The current iPhone XS series features two 12MP lenses, with one being a wide-angle lens and the other a telephoto with 2x optical zoom. It’s not clear from the reports what Apple’s purported third lens would bring to the table — although it may relate to Apple’s AR ambitions.

Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal says that product planning for Apple’s 2019 iPhones is already past the point where major features can be changed. Given the recent decline in iPhone sales, that means it might be until 2020 when we really see what lessons (if any) Apple has taken from recent events.

What are the major innovations that would cause you to shell out your hard-earned cash for an iPhone in 2019? Would a triple lens camera be enough to do it? Is it a major price drop? Or is there something else you think Apple should be pursuing to get the kind of “supercycle” upgrades it’s been dreaming of for years? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Wall Street Journal