Apple caught using an Android to tweet

Apple caught using an Android to tweet


Samsung Galaxy
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Samsung has been getting a lot stick lately for posting tweets from an iPhone, but it turns out it’s not the only company that sometimes uses a competitor’s devices. Apple is guilty of it, too.

The official Apple Music account recently published a tweet using an Android device.

Android is by far the most popular mobile platform in the world, with more than 2 billion active users worldwide — twice as many as iOS. But you probably never would have guessed that Apple helps make up that figure. Kind of.

Apple tweets from Android

In early November, the official Apple Music account on Twitter replied to a tweet from Ariana Grande using an Android device. Grande posted a screenshot of her Christmas & Chill EP and Apple replied with a link to it on Apple Music.

At the bottom of that tweet, which saw over 4,500 retweets and just under 29,000 likes, it read, “via Twitter for Android.” That means an Android device was used to publish the post.

But did Apple really send it?

Apple isn’t entirely at fault

No company wants to be seen promoting, or even using, a competitor’s products. You would never see an Apple executive carrying a Samsung device, and you certainly wouldn’t see an Android in one of its adverts.

But sometimes there are slip-ups — even with a company that takes great care in protecting its image. As we explained in our post about Samsung tweeting from an iPhone, though, Apple probably isn’t entirely to blame here.

Apple likely uses a third-party marketing firm to manage its social media accounts, so it probably wasn’t an Apple employee who posted this tweet. Nevertheless, Apple could insist that only its own devices are used when posting to social media. It’s a pretty embarrassing gaffe for a company as big as Apple.