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Apple Music gets the (unofficial) web player it needs


Apple Music web browser
Don't worry: All log-ins are via Apple's own authentication protocol.
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Currently, there’s no officially sanctioned Apple way to play Apple Music in your web browser.

Enterprising software engineer Naveed Golafshani (a.k.a. Reddit user NaveedGol) has sprang to the rescue with a new — totally unofficial — web player at It allows users to log in using Apple’s own authentication service, and then access their Apple Music libraries online.

The web app lets you access your Recently Added items, Artists, Albums, Songs, and Playlists. However, there’s no way to edit or create new Playlists, which might disappoint some users. There is, however, the option to choose between standard (64kbps) and high (256kbps) bitrates.

Overall, the interface is pleasingly simple and stripped down. If Apple ever does get around to letting users play Apple Music in their browser, hopefully this will serve as a model for the kind of streamlined look and feel that many users are hoping for.

In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see how long hangs around for. Should Apple express its dismay, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it vanish in the near future. Hopefully that’s not the case.

At present count, Apple Music reportedly has around 56 million subscribers. These are likely a mix of paying customers and people on Apple’s free trial.

Source: Reddit

Via: MacWorld