ConnectSense’s Smart Outlet 2 lets you keep tabs on your connected devices


Nobody's outlet is ever this easy to reach, which makes the ConnectSense Smart Outlet2 with HomeKit compatibility even more useful.
Nobody's plug is ever this easy to reach. Smart plugs to the rescue!
Photo: ConnectSense

ConnectSense, a company known for its HomeKit-friendly smart plug, has launched its next-generation device, the Smart Outlet2.

The outlet packs two Wi-Fi connected sockets that can be controlled individually via Apple’s Home app or the ConnectSense app.

Owners can schedule when devices go on or off with either of the apps. HomeKit compatibility means ConnectSense Smart Outlet2 will work seamlessly in scenes and automations within the Home app.

The ConnectSense app also gives users the ability to monitor the energy usage of their plug-in devices. On top of this, the Smart Outlet2 boasts a 2.4-amp USB charging port for speedy charging of smartphones and tablets.

ConnectSense Smart Outlet2: A new HomeKit smart plug

ConnectSense Smart Outlet2 with HomeKit offers two separately controlled smart outlets, plus a USB charging port.
You get two separately controlled smart outlets, plus a USB charging port.
Photo: ConnectSense

The fact that ConnectSense Smart Outlet2 fits easily over any standard North American electrical outlet makes it particularly useful. The chunky design doesn’t look as streamlined as an in-wall product like the iDevices Wall Outlet. However, it can be installed in an instant and easily moved. That makes it ideal for renters or anybody looking for a portable solution.

You also don’t need a hub, since it connects via your home’s regular Wi-Fi network. (Oh, and if you’re not 100 percent loyal to HomeKit, it works fine with both Amazon and Google’s smart home offerings, too.)

The Smart Outlet2 retails for $59, available through both Amazon and Just the Christmas gift for your smart home-loving family member — or, heck, a December treat for yourself.