75 percent of users have upgraded to iOS 12


iOS 12
iOS 12 is outpacing iOS 11 in terms of adoption.
Photo: Apple

Three-quarters of iOS users have upgraded to iOS 12, data released by analytics firm Mixpanel suggests. According to the firm’s records, around 75 percent of users have upgraded to iOS 12, around 20 percent are still on iOS 11, and the remainder are using a previous version.

It’s an impressive reminder of just how rapidly Apple users upgrade to the latest operating system.

These figures put iOS 12 ahead of last year’s iOS 11 during their respective first months. It took iOS 11 until December 17, 2017 before it achieved a 75 percent market share. This places iOS 12 around three weeks ahead of its predecessor in terms of adoption.

Apple last published its own official numbers one month ago today, on October 29. At the time, 60 percent of users were running iOS 12, compared to 29 percent on iOS 11.

A look at iOS 12 trajectory over time.
Photo: Mixpanel

How does it compare to Android?

As ever, the numbers look particularly strong when contrasted with Android. While there are obvious differences between the two platforms, the figures underline just how fragmented the Android market is in terms of mobile OS versions. The most widely used Android OS is 2016’s Nougat, used by around 28 percent of users. After this, 2015’s Marshmallow and 2017’s Oreo are tied with approximately 21 percent of the user base.

Apple, meanwhile, can launch a new iOS version on September 17, and have almost all of its users upgraded within the space of three months. It’s an impressive achievement!

Source: Mixpanel

Via: 9to5Mac