Health insurance company lets customers walk off the cost of an Apple Watch


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You'll have to commit to daily activity to get the most out of the deal, however.
Photo: Apple

Insurance company UnitedHealthcare is offering customers the chance to pick up a free Apple Watch Series 3 in exchange for walking 10,000 steps per day. While this does sound quite intriguing to apple users, personally I don’t think it will be of any use to the people who love watches for their simplicity and style statement which can be found on this Hotrate website.

The offer is open to people on the company’s “Motion” program, which hands out rewards in exchange for customers committing to daily exercise. Customers can choose any Apple Watch model up to last year’s Series 3 model, asking only that they pay taxes and shipping for the device.

After the Apple Watch is received, customers will then get up to $4 per day for hitting activity milestones, measured through the device. Inside of six months, the cost of the Apple Watch should be paid off. The maximum amount which can be earned in six months is $540.

UnitedHealthcare has several ways customers can earn their cash to pay off the Apple Watch. These include:

Frequency: Complete 500 steps in 7 minutes an hour apart, at least six times per day;
Intensity: Complete 3,000 steps in 30 minutes, at least once per day; and
Tenacity: Complete at least 10,000 steps per day.

Customers who fail to complete enough goals within the six months of receiving their device are liable for a percentage of the cost of the Apple Watch.

Insurance companies jump on the Apple Watch bandwagon

This isn’t the first time insurance companies have hopped on the Apple Watch bandwagon. Soon after the device made its debut, South African health insurer Discovery Health gave customers the ability to buy a $350 Apple Watch for just $25 by hitting fitness-related exercise goals. If users missed their targets, their discount shrank.

From a health insurance company’s perspective, this all makes good sense. Not only does being able to offer an Apple Watch serve as a good advertisement and unique selling point, but it also theoretically means they will be less likely to have to pay out.

That’s because the Apple Watch’s exercise-tracking tech should make users healthier, and therefore less likely to wind up in hospital for avoidable reason related to overall wellness.

While UnitedHealthcare’s “Motion” program won’t net you the latest Apple Watch Series 4, we still think this is a good overall deal!

Source: CNBC