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iPhone triumphs over local rivals on record Chinese shopping day


iPhone sales are finally rebounding in China
Tim Cook looking happy in China. As he very much should be!
Photo: Tim Cook/Weibo

The iPhone outsold Chinese rivals on Alibaba platforms during China’s Singles Day on November 11. Singles’ Day is a holiday in which people not in a relationship buy themselves gifts.

Alibaba, the e-commerce giant that is the equivalent of China’s Amazon, sold a record $30.8 billion in gross merchandise during the day. Apple’s position as number one mobile brand is therefore pretty darn impressive!

Alibaba’s figures don’t reveal which iPhones sold in highest quantities during the 24-hour event, or exactly how many units were sold. However, they reveal that Apple managed to beat out Huawei in second place, followed by Xiaomi in third place.

Samsung, which is often considered Apple’s biggest mobile rival, struggled in to eighth place. The brand has been weak in China for a while now.

“It’s a positive sign for Apple, because normally Xiaomi or Huawei has been the top brand,” Neil Shah, research director at Counterpoint Research, told CNBC. “This shows the Chinese smartphone users are maturing fast and they are looking to buy more high end devices, which is a good sign not only for Apple but other brands.”

Apple has struggled in China as of late, although recent quarters show that it is recovering. In the most recent financial quarter, which ended in September, Apple’s Greater China revenues increased 16 percent year-on-year.