No, watchOS 5.1 doesn’t add ECG to Apple Watch Series 4


Apple Watch ECG
Apple says the ECG app is still "coming later this year" to Apple Watch Series 4.
Photo: Apple

Apple just released watchOS 5.1, an update that brings new features to this wearable. But one of these is not the software needed for Apple Watch Series 4 users to take an electrocardiogram. Other sites are incorrectly reporting that the ECG app is part of this update.

No ECG software for Apple Watch Series 4

At its announcement last month, Apple made a big deal out of the ability of the newest Watch to record the electrical activity of the wearer’s heart. But then Apple had to confess that the feature isn’t ready. 

Many had assumed that this feature would be in the watchOS 5.1 update, but they were wrong. And some are still assuming it. And these guys.

There's no ECG app on their Apple Watch Series 4 after installing watchOS 5.1.
There’s no ECG app on their Apple Watch Series 4 after installing watchOS 5.1.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Our Cult of Mac test Watch doesn’t have this feature after the update. Which isn’t surprising, considering it wasn’t part of the beta process.

The best Apple has been able to say is the “ECG app coming later this year.” That message hasn’t changed since September.

What is in watchOS 5.1

The major change in the update is support for Group FaceTime: the ability to speak to multiple other people simultaneously on a FaceTime call. This feature is also in iOS 12.1.

watchOS 5.1 also brings dozens of new emoji to this wearable.