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Super Micro will investigate its hardware after spy chip allegations


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Super Micro is accused of manufacturing hardware containing Chinese spy chips.
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Super Micro Computer, the manufacturer of technology accused by Bloomberg of containing Chinese spy chips, has said that it will carry out a review of its own hardware.

This isn’t any kind of admission on its part, however. In a letter to customers, the firm noted how, “Despite the lack of any proof that a malicious hardware chip exists, we are undertaking a complicated and time-consuming review to further address the article.”

Bloomberg Businessweek published its story, “The Big Hack,” at the start of this month. In the story, multiple sources said big companies — including Apple — used Super Micro hardware containing spy chips.

As soon as the article was published, Amazon and Apple — two of the companies named in the story — issued responses denying its veracity. Apple even wrote a letter to Congress to say as much. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said Bloomberg “need[s] to do that right thing and retract [the allegations].”

British and U.S. intelligence agencies backed up Apple and Amazon, saying they have no reason to doubt the denials being made.

Bloomberg continues to stick by its reporting. In a statement, the company said,  “Our reporters and editors thoroughly vet every story before publication, and this was no exception.” The publication also published a story claiming a “major U.S. telecom” discovered compromised Super Micro equipment back in August.

With Super Micro finding itself at the center of controversy, it has seemingly decided to try and solve the matter once and for all. Whether its conclusions will do so remains to be seen. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Reuters