I Love Film, Gestrument Pro and other amazing apps of the week


Awesome Apps
'Appy weekend.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

This week we use Berkanan to avoid talking to the people around us, we make music with the amazing new Gestrument Pro, and we take old-school film photos with I Love Film.


Scriptable works a lot like Siri Shortcuts, only more difficult.
Scriptable works a lot like Siri Shortcuts, only more difficult.
Photo: Scriptable

Scriptable lets you use JavaScript to control your iPhone, and even integrates with Shortcuts. It lets you take your code, and integrate it with iOS. You can make your own scripts, and use them to automate iOS. For instance, how about something as simple as a custom save menu, one that lets you rename files as you save them?

Price: Free

Download: Scriptable from the App Store (iOS) 


Berkanan -- local chat, without the internet.
Berkanan — local chat, without the internet.
Photo: Berkanan

Berkanan is a chat app that works offline, and only with people nearby. You launch the app, and any nearby Berkanan users show up on your screen. These users’ bubbles get closer and farther from you, depending on real-life distance.

You can chat to any of these people using the app, and the connection is over Bluetooth — no internet required. You can also send public messages, and use the app without any account.

It’s a neat idea, and could be useful for large gatherings — concerts, and so on; or for groups to communicate where there is no internet coverage — disasters, camping trips, and so on.

To be really useful, a lot of people need to be using it, but you can also make it work with just a small group.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Download: Berkanan from the App Store (iOS)

Gestrument Pro

Gestrument Pro is a unique iPad musical instrument. It lets you take sounds and effects, and play them by touching the iPAd’s screen. The video above shows it in action, which is the bet way to get an idea of what it can do. Unlike many app, it doesn’t try to ape a real-world instrument. Instead, it offers it’s own take on creating sound using gestures.

It can run up to 16 instruments simultaneously, and isn’t limited to banging dance tracks. Here it is processing the sound from external devices:

Price: $16.99

Download: Gestrument Pro from the App Store (iOS)

I Love Film

I love the I Love Film app.
I love the I Love Film app.
Photo: Marcus Carlsson

I Love Film is a brand-new photo-editing app that emulates 130 old photographic films, many of which are included free with the app. To make these filters, developer Marcus Carlsson scanned the actual films, in order to get the real grain patterns.

You can also add light leaks, and there are some editing tools, but they’re just dressing. The film filters are outstanding. Even if you don’t care about faking a filmic look, these are just great filters. In fact, they are some of the best I’ve used, especially the B&W films. Unlike many filters, these capture the essence of those old films while still making great photos. They don’t feel over-the-top, or over-processed in any way. And there’s even a camera with live preview of the current film.

The app itself is a little clunky. There are too many button-taps to save a photo, and you have to save as a new photo, instead of overwriting the original. But it’s worth it for the filters. Combined with the iPhone XS’ depth tools, this makes for some seriously good-looking pictures.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Download: I Love Film from the App Store (iOS)