iPhone XS, XR battery and RAM details spilled by regulator

iPhone XS, XR battery and RAM details spilled by regulator


iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
Here’s some things you didn’t know about Apple’s new iPhone lineup.
Photo: Apple

There are some things Apple never tells us about its iOS devices, so we have to wait until they go on sale and find out more for ourselves. But thanks to one regulator, we now know some important details about the new iPhone lineup.

Here are the battery sizes and RAM capacities of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Apple likes to tell us how much faster its new smartphones are, or how long they’ll last on a single charge — but it doesn’t give us all of the specifics. It seems the company believes some details just aren’t that interesting to the average iPhone buyer.

But we always find out those secrets in the end. This year, we don’t even have to wait for the new iPhone lineup to make its debut.

Regulator reveals iPhone XS and XR details

Regulatory filings revealed by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (TENAA) provide a number of interesting details about the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

It turns out that Apple’s flagship handsets — XS and XS Max — both contain 4GB of RAM, which is an additional 1GB over iPhone X. This is the most RAM Apple has ever put inside a phone, and it should help when playing intensive games and multitasking.

iPhone XR contains 3GB of RAM — the same as the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus.

Battery capacities

Here’s how their batteries size up:

  • iPhone XS: 2,658 mAh
  • iPhone XS Max: 3,174 mAh
  • iPhone XR: 2,942 mAh

It’s interesting that the iPhone XS has a slightly smaller battery than the iPhone X, which has a 2,716 mAh battery, even though both devices are the same size. This suggests Apple has been forced to find some room for other components.

Despite this, though, iPhone XS promises 30 minutes more battery life than iPhone X.

It’s no surprise that iPhone XR has a larger battery than its smaller sibling, given it’s bigger display. This also explains why the device offers 1.5 hours more use in between charges than the iPhone 8 Plus.

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