Austin Mann provides colorful test shots from iPhone XS camera

iPhone XS camera put to the test by globe-trotting photog


Austin Mann
Travel photographer Austin Mann tests the iPhone XS in Zanzibar
Flickr Screenshot: Photos by Austin Mann for PetaPixel

Austin Mann is one of those lucky photographers who gets a new iPhone before the rest of us. Apple knows he will take it to some colorful location and make the kind of pictures that show off the camera’s upgrades.

Mann doesn’t disappoint with the iPhone XS, which he put to the test while on a recent assignment in Zanzibar.

The travel photographer, featured in several Cult of Mac stories whenever he has reviewed a new iPhone, gave an exclusive peek to the photography website, PetaPixel. You can read the story and see the photos here or go to a special Flickr gallery to view 25 high-resolution photos from Mann’s shoot with the XS.

Mann’s work has been featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaigns. He offers tutorials on his website that teach iPhone users how to make better pictures.

The PetaPixel story did not have any of Mann’s impressions of the camera and normally, he posts a thorough review on his blog. Each photo does have a picture that explains settings used on each photo.

In the past, Mann has raved about the iPhone’s camera capabilities and likes how the compactness allows him to better engage a subject. He shoots many assignments, both stills and video, exclusively with an iPhone.

Apple began excepting pre-orders for its three new iPhones last week. The iPhone XS, XS Max and XR will hit Apple Stores later this week.

Source: PetaPixel