Inexpensive Logitech Crayon iPad stylus available to all


Logitech Crayon
The Logitech Crayon was designed for the classroom, but soon anyone can purchase this Apple Pencil alternative.
Photo: Logitech

This spring, Logitech introduced an active stylus for iPad. People were excited that this was half the price of an Apple Pencil, but frustrated that the Logitech Crayon could only be purchased by schools.

Turns out both of those are about to change. This digital pencil will go on sale to the general public beginning September 12. And the price is going up.

“First introduced to students as a versatile tool for learning, we are thrilled to make Logitech Crayon, our first digital pencil, more widely available so even more creators, dreamers, and learners can express themselves and communicate new ideas using the new 9.7-inch iPad,” said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech, in a statement.

Logitech Crayon: lower cost, fewer features

The Logitech Crayon doesn’t offer all the features of the Apple Pencil. It includes tilt detection but not pressure sensitivity. Lines can be made thicker or thinner by angling the stylus, though.

Even worse, Logitech warns that the Crayon works only with the 9.7-inch iPad that debuted this spring, not with the iPad Pro models. That’s a significant difference from Apple’s offering.

Like the Pencil, the iPad will ignore a hand resting on the screen while drawing with the Crayon.

“Logitech Crayon works seamlessly with iPad and the most popular creativity and productivity apps from the App Store so whether you are learning to write a new language, jotting down notes, marking up a screenshot or PDF, or visualizing an idea, Crayon is the perfect tool for the task,” said Hermann.

This accessory has a battery that lasts for up to 7 hours. It’s charged through a Lightning port on one end.

Price and availability

The Logitech Crayon will remain $49.99 when purchased through Apple’s Education channel. Everyone else will have to pay $69.99.

The product will go on sale at,, and Apple retail stores Sept 12. Wider retail availability will begin in October.

And there’s a small chance you might be able to use this accessory with a 2018 iPhone.