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Box of crystal meth shuts down Apple Store


Just after opening the package containing 2 pounds of meth, the poor Apple Store employee probably looked a lot like this.
Photo: Samsung

The life of an Apple Store employee isn’t always easy. Sometimes they get punched in the face by irate customers, there are robberies, plus they have to put up with being mocked by Samsung. 

And then there’s the day an Apple Store employee opened a package to find it stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars worth of extremely illegal crystal meth.

A drug dealer had apparently mixed up some addresses and accidentally sent a FedEx package containing 2 pounds of meth to the iPhone store at  Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

The Apple Store was briefly closed to the public after the box’s contents were identified.  The dealer’s address was on the package, so he was quickly arrested, according to the New York Post.

More about crystal meth

Determining the value of illegal drugs is something of a guessing game, but Narcotic News indicates that 2 pounds of crystal meth would sell for somewhere between $26,000 and $36,000.

Methamphetamine, as it’s more formally known, is a Schedule II drug, which to the Drug Enforcement Agency means it has “a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous.” It looks like clear crystals or blue-white rocks.