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iPhone owner charged after punching employee over ‘faulty’ Face ID


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Shocking incident took place in Bangkok, Thailand.
Photo: Apple

A 23-year-old iPhone X customer in Bangkok has apologized after a shocking video of him punching a female retail store employee in the face went viral on social media.

The customer, called Kritpan Kitjit, supposedly became enraged after claiming his iPhone X’s Face ID feature did not work correctly. Kitjit demanded a replacement handset, but was denied due to the fact that the complaint didn’t hold up to inspection.

Thirty-year-old employee Saijai Trinech, who worked for the third-party Apple reseller Studio 7, said that she could send the handset off for inspection. However, Kitjit began yelling. He then tried to gain access to the store’s storage room, supposedly to take photo of the store’s manager to report them to a consumer protection board. When Trinech tried to stop him doing this, Kitjit shockingly struck her in the face.

Kritpan Kitjit then remained in the store, telling a crowd of assembled customers that, “They did not exchange an iPhone X for me! I bought it yesterday! Don’t buy an iPhone X!”

Kritpan Kitjit was subsequently charged with bodily harm by police, although Trinech said that she would not press charges. Instead, Kitjit has been charged $150 for causing harm, in addition to $1,500 in compensation.

The story gained traction when footage of the incident was posted on social media and went viral. Within 12 hours of the incident being posted over the weekend, more than 1.4 million people had viewed it. One commenter noted that: “The [Face ID] feature isn’t broken. Apple designed the phone to scan a human’s face — not a monster.”

Speaking at the Bang Yi Khan police station, Kitjit issued a public statement, saying that: “I’d like to apologize to the society that I overreacted. It was the heat of the moment. I’ve apologized to the victim, and she didn’t want to take legal action.”

Source: Coconuts.co