Fortnite’s controversial guided missile is making a comeback


Fortnite guided missile
The guided missile didn't last long, but it's on its way back!
Photo: Epic Games

If you thought you had seen the last of the controversial guided missile in Fortnite Battle Royale, think again.

Epic has confirmed the weapon is making a comeback in a future update. This time, however, it will work a little differently to give those defending it some chance.

The guided missile, first introduced to Battle Royale in March, was fun for a little while. It certainly spawned its fair share of funny clips and memes. But it didn’t take long for players to become frustrated with it.

Not only was it incredibly powerful, but it gave players complete control over each missile after they were fired. It made it easier than ever to hit a target — even if they were moving — while defending against one was more than difficult.

Most of us were happy when Epic decided to remove the guided missile less than a month after its arrival. But now it’s coming back.

Epic promises guided missile return

In its most recent Dev Update, Epic confirms the guided missile will return in a future Fortnite update. However, following the many complaints it received last time, it will be very different.

The new guided missile will be “more of a scouting tool than a high-damage threat.” It will have reduced movement speed, a reduced turning radius, and reduced damage. It will also have an ammo cap of just 12 rockets.

This will certainly fix some of the problems that the guided missile presented during its first outing. The ammo cap alone is huge because it prevents players from collecting a large number of rockets and spamming the few remaining players at the end of a match.

But we’ll have to wait and see whether the changes will be enough to make the guided missile a worthwhile addition to Battle Royale. There are other things to look forward to, too.

SMG and remote explosive tweaks

Epic really wants SMGs to be a viable alternative to shotguns, and thanks to recent updates, that’s certainly the case. In fact, now that carrying two shotguns is a bad choice, SMGs are actually the most effective option for close-quarters gunfights.

A recent update made some tweaks to ensure the SMGs aren’t overpowered, and more are coming to reduce their effectiveness at long range.

Epic is also tweaking the remote explosives following player feedback that suggests their availability is too high. A future update will reduce the number of remote explosives you can carry, the blast radius of each charge, and the rate at which they drop in each match.

Some of these changes will roll out in this week’s 5.20 release, but it sounds like we’ll have to wait a little longer to get our hands on the new guided missile.