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Verizon wants to team up with Apple or Google for 5G TV


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The long-rumored Apple live TV package could get a helping hand from Verizon.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Verizon wants to hook up with either Apple or Google to provide TV services when it launches its super fast 5G service to customers in Los Angeles and Sacramento, a new report claims.

The idea is that packaging Verizon’s 5G online TV with either Google’s YouTube TV or an as-yet-unnanounced Apple TV package would help Verizon to showcase its new service.

Verizon previously tried its hand at TV with the go90 video service, which launched in October 2015 but never really caught on with customers. It was cancelled last year, leaving the market open for more established names like Netflix and Sling TV.

The hope is that, by partnering with one of the big tech giants, Verizon would get the “name” it needs to launch its service in style. Bloomberg suggests that this would be more of a short-term marriage of convenience, though:

“The debut of 5G online TV with either Google’s YouTube TV or Apple TV will be used to showcase the technology and mark Verizon’s first competitive live TV venture outside its predominantly East Coast service area. But the live-TV partnership might not be permanent. Verizon is opting for outside help until it gets “comfortable” with its own internet-based video service, Chief Financial Officer Matt Ellis said in May at an investor conference.”

Negotiations are currently taking place, but could still fail to reach an agreement. As noted, while Google has its $40 a month YouTube TV, Apple has yet to announce any kind of live television package, although this has been an area of interest for some time.

Should all go ahead, the hope is that the 5G live TV service could launch in four cities before 2018 is out. The connection speed for 5G is said to be comparable with, or faster than, wired landline connections.

In the long-term, Verizon wants to compete with cable and landline services from AT&T and Comcast.

Source: Bloomberg