Mozilla’s new Lockbox app lets you use Firefox passwords anywhere


Firefox Lockbox app for iOS
Lockbox frees your passwords from Firefox.
Photo: Mozilla

You probably have a whole bunch of passwords saved in Firefox if it’s your web browser of choice. And now you can use those passwords anywhere in iOS with the new Lockbox app from Mozilla.

Lockbox is a password manager that promises strong encryption, syncing between multiple iOS devices, Face ID support, and more.

You should never use the same password twice. You should never use passwords that might be easy to crack. You should use a password manager that helps you create strong passwords and then remembers them for you.

Lockbox does almost all of that.

Lockbox frees your saved passwords from Firefox

The experimental new app from Mozilla makes it easy to access all the passwords you’ve saved in Firefox over the years. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and with 256-bit encryption, it’s super-secure.

Once touch lets you copy usernames and passwords in Lockbox so that you can use them elsewhere in iOS. You can also open your favorite websites directly from inside the app to login faster.

Lockbox syncs your passwords across all your iOS devices, and you can secure it with Face ID or Touch ID. An automatic timer ensures the app is locked so that no one else can gain access after you’ve been using it.

Other password managers are available

If you don’t use Firefox, Dashlane, the official password manager of Cult of Mac, is a terrific Lockbox alternative.

Not only does it hold onto your passwords and sync them between all your devices — not just those running iOS — but it also suggests strong passwords and reminds you when they should be updated.

You can download Dashlane and Lockbox from the App Store now.