See a dreamy underwater film shot with naked iPhone X


Frederic Van Strydonck
Shot on iPhone X underwater without a case.
Photo: Frederic Van Strydonck/Vimeo

We can be fairly confident that the iPhone X can survive a quick dunk underwater. Frederic van Strydonck did more than quick dunks when he used an iPhone X without any case to make an ethereal short film below the surface in various watery locations.

The iPhone X is not technically considered fully waterproof. It’s rated to be water-resistant when submerged at a maximum depth of 1 meter.

However, there is growing anecdotal evidence the iPhone X could still work even after long periods under the water. Last month, the host of the YouTube show Man+River discovered an iPhone X at the bottom of a river in Arizona.

He charged the phone, was amazed it worked and tracked down the owner, a Florida woman who had dropped the handset in the water two weeks prior. She did not expect to see it again.

For his short film Spltch, van Strydonck still plays its safe by not keeping the phone fully submerged for long periods. The film is vertical and though it was posted on Vimeo, it would be an ideal format for the new Instagram video platform, IGTV.

“I recently decided to see how an iPhone would fare when filming underwater,” van Strydonck told the photography website PetaPixel. “The series of tests slowly became this weird little experimental short.
“I didn’t use any special waterproof casing for this. Just an iPhone.”

Source: PetaPixel