iPhone X works fine after two weeks in a river


submerged iPhone
This iPhone X spent two weeks in the water. It still works.
Photo: Man+ River/YouTube

Drop an iPhone into a lake or rushing river and you can usually kiss it goodbye. But the owner of an iPhone X was pleasantly surprised when it was returned to her in working order – two weeks after dropping it in a river.

The submerged iPhone was found on a recent dive by a YouTube treasurer hunter who films his dives of Arizona’s lakes and rivers. Dallas, whose YouTube Show Man + River has half a million subscribers, tries to hunt down the original owner of some of his more valuable or unique finds.

Dallas once told a Phoenix television station that he finds hundreds of sunglasses, jewelry, cameras, and smartphones. Very few smartphones ever get their power back, though one episode of Man + River last October shows Dallas returning an iPhone 7 Plus in working order.

The silver iPhone X was not in a protective case when he spotted it on the grassy bottom of a river.

Apple is confident its more recent iPhones, those minus a headphone jack, can survive a dunk in the water at a depth of up to one meter and for 30 minutes. The odds after that aren’t so safe a bet, however, there are some incredible exceptions.

In January 2017, a Russian man dropped his iPhone 7 Plus in a frozen river while ice fishing. A scuba diver retrieved it 13 hours later. It still had battery life and lit up on the spot.

The iPhone X found recently did not have any life in it when found. The video shows Dallas pointing a hair drier at an open iPhone X. He then placed it in a box of silica gel. Three days later, he plugs the phone in to charge it and it began to power up.

submerged iPhone
The Florida woman didn’t expect to get a working iPhone X back after she had dropped it in a river.
Photo: Man + River/YouTube

He found the owner, a woman from Florida who had dropped the phone some two weeks before its rescue, who is seen on the video in awe holding her phone again.

Source: iDropNews